12 Tags of 2016 May

I’m getting my tag in for the Tim Holtz May 12 Tags of 2016 .  It uses the same crinkle paper technique as the last project posted except that I could just lay the tag on top of the crinkled, inked tissue paper.


Next I tore the paper off around the tag.


After it was dry I turned the tag around and filed the paper off around the sides.


Then I spay painted it and added ephemera for the finished tag.





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Fairy Canvas with Crinkle Paper Technique

I love using this crinkle  paper technique.   Originally it was a Chinese technique for adding texture and pattern to a painting and it was done on rice paper.  I started doing it on tissue paper and I like it better because I can get crisper crackling with the crinkles created on the tissue paper.


First I crinkleup the tissue paper.  I try to get as many crinkles in it as possible.


Next the tissue paper is flattened out a bit.  You don’t want to totally flatten it out because you want a lot of the crackled ridges to still be up.  This way they’ll be able to accept the ink better.


I like using the Tim Holtz Mini Ink Blending Tool and Distress Archival Ink to brush over the top of the crinkled tissue paper.  I load the ink (I used Black Soot) onto the ink blending tool by pouncing the tool with the foam pad again the ink palette.  It loads just enough ink to make a pass across the tissue paper and have the ridges of the folds pick up the pigment.  You don’t want to hesitate too much with the inking tool because if you stay too long in one place you’ll end up with a Black Soot circle on the tissue paper.  This isn’t something to be desired; although I don’t mind that occasionally there is a bit of a darker smudge in some areas.  I think this adds more contrast and interest to the pattern of crazing that is created.  I just brush the loaded mini ink pad with the tool lightly across the tissue paper. There’s usually enough ink on the tool to make one pass.  Then I load it with ink again and brush it across the crinkled tisse paper again.  I continue in this way until the entire paper is covered with crackling.


Here’s a closer look at the inked tissue paper.


I tore the tissue paper into two pieces and arranged them on the canvas until I liked the way it looked.  I marked the postion of the paper lightly wih a pencil.


Next I turned the tissue papers (one at  a time) wrong side down on a Ranger Non-Stick craft sheet and coated the back with matter gel medium.  I used a Tim Holtz Distress Collage brush to apply the gel medium.  I like the way the brush applies the gel medium smoothly and doesn’t tear the delicate tissue paper.


I next picked the tissue paper up off the craft sheet carefully and set it in place on the canvas.  I smoothed any wrinkles out of the tissue paper using a dry Distress Collage Brush.


I die cut some flourishes out of clear contact paper Using Sizzlits Decorative Flourishes Set dies.  I removed the back from the contace paper and adhered the flourishes to the top part of the tissue paper.


I cut strips out from some tracing paper and taped it around the tissue papers to prevent the spray paint from going over the edges of the tissue paper.IMG_2041

Next I sprayed over the tissue paper with Mister Hury’s color Mists; Sugar Plum and Deseert and Recollections Cricket and Glacier.  I let the spray paints dry and then I positioned a fairy from Kaisercraft Enchanted Garden Collectables on the canvas where I wanted it.  I decided the wings weren’t what I wanted.  I outlined them with white chalk on the canvas and then cut them off the fairy.IMG_2042.JPG


I placed them on tissue paper and outlined around them and cut them out.


I glued the fairy onto the canvas and then glued the wings back in place with matte gel medium.


I cut the lantern out of the fairy’s hand on the Bewitch paper P1220 from the same Enchanted Garden Collection and using the gel medium adhered it to the fairy’s hand.  I painted in the wings and the antennae, and added some light around the lantern and in the top right of the top of the tissue paper with Acryla Gouche using Titanium White, Light Green and Sky Blue.IMG_2049

I then glued on the two butterflies and the saying at the bottom.


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Ranger Easter Egg Decorating Challenge

I decided to join in the fun with Ranger’s Easter Egg Decoraing Challenge http://rangerink.com/easter-egg-decorating-challenge/  .  We could choose any Ranger products we wanted and decorate an Easter egg.  Ranger has so many wonderful products, it was hard to narrow it down, but I ended up using Tim Holtz Distress Paper Mosaic kit for part of the design.  I love mosaics and since I saw this new product I’ve been dying to try it.  The results follow.


I used a craft egg from Michaels.  It’s made out of some kind of material that is easy to paint. Most of the products I used are Tim Holtz. I base coated the egg with Broken China Distress paint and the I used the Picket Fence Distress paint over that.  I rubbed over the surface with Broken China Distress Ink to bring out the crackling more. I painted Idea-ology Heirloom Roses with Pickled Raspberry, Spun Sugar Mustard Seed and Broken China Distress paints.  I painted over the pink, and blue roses with Picked Fence to lighten the colors a little.  I glued the flowers around a small clip art rabbit that I had adhered to the front fo the egg with Distress Collage Glue.   I cut some Idea-ology Salvage Easter stickes into small mosaic pieces and followed instructions on the Distress Paper Mosaic kit to make paper mosaic surface around the rest of the egg.  I painted over the roses with Glossy Accents to make them look more like ceramic roses.

Here are a couple more views.  Thanks for stopping by!



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Creative JumpStart 2016

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last participated in Creative JumpStart.  Natalie Kalbach http://nathaliesstudio.com/ at N*Studio has done it again.  This time all us jump starters were introduced to 5 master artists.  We watched a couple short videos about their work and style and then we got to try our hand at creating a masterpiece based on their work.  We were helped by several known mixed media artists who created videos for us in which they also interpreted the master artist.

I was particularly inspired by the video of MaryBeth Shaw’s translation of Anselm Kiefer’s work.  MaryBeth used oil sticks in her work, but I don’t have any oil sticks as of yet so I attemped my translation with CrayPas.  The result follows.Translation of Anselm Kiefer for Creative JumpStart 2016

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Creative Jumpstart 2015

I love the Creative Jumpstart workshop that Nat Kalbach pulls together each year.  This year the theme is “out of the box” and it’s sponsored by Liquitex.  If you haven’t joined yet, head over to http://nathaliesstudio.com/online-workshops/ubermedia/creative-jumpstart-2015/welcome-to-%C3%BCbermedia-creative-jumpstart-2015/ and have some fun.

I was especially inspired by a couple of the videos; Mixed Media Collage with Jimmy Leslie, Art Journal Parts I and II with Natalie and Painting Panel with Marsha Valk.  I decided to try the techniques on a ceramic pot instead of my journal and this is what I ended up with.

Pot using art journal techniques

2nd view of pot

2nd view of pot

I added some used Pepsi soda cans (that I stamped and embossed) in the circles.  Below are a couple close-ups of the soda cans on the sides of the pot.

1st close-up of Pepsi cans collaged to sides of pot.

1st close-up of Pepsi cans collaged to sides of pot.

2nd close-up of Pepsi can collaged to sides of pot.

2nd close-up of Pepsi can collaged to sides of pot.

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Creative Jumpstart Giveaway by Liquitex

I entered the Creative Jumpstart event this year at www.nathaliesstudio.com  It is so much fun!  I’m so glad I entered it!   All of the videos are so inspirational and fun to watch.  I’m really learning a lot.

Anyway, I’m entering one of my endeavors (two journal pages) in the Giveaway by Liquitex.  I really love their products and hopefully can win some more.  Below is my entry.

Creative Jumpstart Geveaway by Liquites

Creative Jumpstart Geveaway by Liquitex

This is my second attempt with this method of laying the paints out on a palette and rolling them out with a brayer; and then I added all kinds of designs over the palette paper with various household items; a used paper towel tube, corregated paper, corregated cardboard from a box and a comb.  Then I tore off the palette paper and layed it over my journal pages and printed it by rubbing over the back with the brayer.  I love this technique and the interesting designs that come from it.  Below is a closer look at the two pages.

First Page from Journal

First Page from Journal

Second Page from Journal

Second Page from Journal

When I painted the girl, I let some of the background show through.  I was trying to capture a kind of dreamy look.  I think I could have done it better, but there’s only so much time in a day!  After I painted her hair and while the paint was still wet, I applied Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste over her hair with a palette knife.  Then I combed  through it with the palette knife and the comb in order to mix some of the hair color in with it.  I also used the modeling paste mixed with color to stamp some of the circles that the “dream” letters are in.  I also used Liquitex white gesso behind the “dream” letters.

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New Blue Fern Garden Collection

Check out the Blue Fern Garden Collection here http://bluefernstudios.blogspot.com/2014/01/giveaway-blue-fern-garden-our-new-paper.html  and if you do some of the simple steps they list at the end of the post, you’ll get a chance to win this gorgeous collection!

BF Garden Timeless preview6

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Trick or Treat Fun

I decided to join in the fun with our friends at http://www.toletown.com/  for Halloween.   They had a map with a treat give-a-way and I decided to join.

Mr Wizard Pumpkin

Mr Wizard Pumpkin

I gave away a free pattern to make the canvas shown below.  What fun!

Hoo's Scared Halloween Canvas

Hoo’s Scared Halloween Canvas

Just wanted to add a note about how much I will miss Cath over at http://www.moxiefabworld.com/  She was such a wonderful inspiration to us all.  Even though I don’t exclusively make paper art, she always made all us creative types feel welcome and important to her world.   Miss you already Cath!

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